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To Help You Reverse Diabetes, Hypertension & Other Chronic Inflammatory Diseases!

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You can reverse Diabetes type II, Prediabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis or other chronic diseases, by addressing the root cause rather than dealing only the symptoms.

What is in the course - Reverse Diabetes, Hypertension and Atherosclerosis 

Chronic diseases will worsen the longer you wait, so TAKE ACTION now to stop or potentially even reverse your medical condition.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer, Cancer are some of the chronic diseases.

-There is always a cause why you get such diseases

- Conventional allopathic medicine in the U.S. and most of the world, focuses on treating diseases with medications and injections. These conventional treatments improve your symptoms but don’t address the cause of them. For example, individual suffering from alcohol addiction might seek treatment for his constant reflux acidity. A conventional doctor might prescribe him some antacids or antihistamines to lessen the reflux burning, pain, and symptoms. However, Dr. Jay Zute will try to address the root cause of the person’s reflux, alcohol consumption. Dr. Jay Zute will try to make that patient’s alcohol addiction better by providing holistic solutions.

- This holistic approach to addressing diseases can be applied to conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Atherosclerosis (blood vessel blockage). For example, conventional medicine focuses on lowering your blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels, blood pressure, etc, and keeping them low. But this does not address why these levels are high in the first place. By addressing these medical conditions at a deeper level, you can correct the root causes of high blood sugar, lipid levels, and blood pressure. Repairing or removing the root cause means nipping your medical conditions in the bud rather than just controlling their symptoms and side effects. In addition to providing a holistic approach towards medicine, Dr. Jay Zute can help reduce your dose of antidiabetic and antihypertensive medications too, among others. 

- You will learn about the different underlying factors which can cause chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, or Atherosclerosis. Among others

- Dr. Jay Zute will help you identify the root causes (like stress, for example) of your medical conditions and help you address those causes.

- Dr. Jay Zute will support and motivate you to steadily work on addressing these causes to optimize your health and reduce your need and reliance on conventional medications. 

- You will get complete online courses on “Healthy Diet” and “Physical Exercises” as bonuses.

- You will get a blueprint on sleep and stress management.

-You will know the symptoms, normal and abnormal lab readings.

- You will understand the disease processes and complications they can cause. 

You will need to work on yourself patiently to reverse the harmful effects of many years from the underlying causes & side effects of medications. Still, you will start noticing the differences in some days. It is not some miracle. It is a science. You have been exposed to these harmful causes for many years, which have resulted in chronic inflammatory diseases like diabetes type II or hypertension or atherosclerosis, or cancer. When you address these causative factors, your body will start to heal, and you will see positive results in a few days. Each one is different at different severity of various medical conditions. So, stay motivated and work patiently on yourself.

Benefits of joining and following the instructions in the course “Reverse Diabetes Hypertension & Atherosclerosis.”

- You will see your disease is coming under YOUR CONTROL - Your lab readings will start to go towards normal in a few days. 

- Your doctor will tell you that you no longer need the previous medications or previous high doses of medications. Your doctor will ask you to change the medicines/reduce the amounts/stop the medications after looking at your improved lab readings. 

(Caution - Do not stop or change the doses or change the medications on your own. Consult your doctor. Let your doctor decide about your medications after looking at your improved lab readings.)

- You will start feeling healthier from day one 

- You will be able to avoid side effects from the medications by reducing the needed doses. 

- You can prevent dangerous complications of various medical conditions - For example, heart disease from hypertension, heart attack from atherosclerosis, stroke resulting in paralysis from hypertension & blood vessel blockages, blindness or amputation of limbs, or renal failure from diabetes, among others. Save yourself from these deadly life threatening complications of diseases.

- You can have a long, healthy & happy life!

'Healthy Diet'

Complete Course 

What/ When/ How much to eat

Food to prevent, control & reverse Diabetes, Hypertension & other chronic inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer, Atherosclerosis (blood vessel blockages), cancer etc

Diet plan for weight reduction & much more!

Intermittent Fasting method in details and its benefits

Important Ayurveda based Herbs to include in daily diet

Healthy cooking habbits 

Health Supplements necessary to replenish the deficiencies

Exercise & Lifestyle Improvement - complete course 

Video tutorials for all exercises - Simple yet effective - for all age groups.

No special gym enrollment or no special equipments needed - Do at home at your free time.

Strengthen your core muscles which will help to prevent, control & reverse Diabetes, Hypertension etc

Weight control with exercises -

You will get motivation from Dr Jay Zute to stay determined & to achieve your goals. 

Stress Free Life - Important to control Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Stresses in life lead to chronic inflammatory condition in the body which speed up the aging process, and lead to diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis etc which then can be the reason for Heart Attack , Stroke or even death.

Stresses can cause Cancer too.

Learn Vipassana & Anapana meditations in their pure forms - Blueprint

Blueprint  to lead Stress free life - How to control emotional, mental, physical , psychological, monitory ie money related stresses 

Sleep - Important for staying healthy

Get a blueprint for proper sleep

In the Sleep course you will understand , why proper sleep is important to stay healthy & ways to get proper sleep 

Understand different stages of sleep and factors affecting these stages

Learn to contol the factors which affect sleep which helps in getting proper sleep

Learn how meditaion can help in getting proper sleep

Get the blueprint. 

Get Much More Value In The Course

-Money problems can be the primary stress factor in life, leading to diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Blood vessel blockages, Heart Attack, Stroke, or even Cancer!

-Know the genuine ways for Freedom Lifestyle & Passive Income.

-Put efforts only in the beginning to set up the system of passive income. After that earn while relaxing or sleeping. - Blueprint

-Inside the course, you will know how to get your 100% money-back in steps. 

-So do not wait to join the course NOW!

-(Prices will increase soon.) 

Just pay $ 150 for a limited period of time (original price is $ 797)

Reviews for this online course from some of our happy clients

These are some of the examples of persons who joined the various courses by Dr. Jay Zute. By following the lifestyle, as per the guidance of Dr. Jay Zute, they could control their Diabetes or Hypertension. Many could manage their weight. All of them could reverse the years from their looks and body.  Many have got control over their addictions. They have learned and started to lead stress-free life even while multitasking. Many could control the chronic elements like headache and arthritis, got the motivation, and achieved their goals and dream life. They all got guidance about setting the goals properly, being stress-free, were shown the right path to follow. Dr. Jay Zute encourages all to stay determined while bringing significant changes in the lifestyle and achieving the desired results within few days. They all are confident and happy now.


Mr. Madan Pawar, Custom Officer, Hon Speaker, Parliament - I highly recommend Dr. Jay Zute's various Health Wealth & Peace courses. These courses offer genuine, accurate guidance coming out of her vast experience and knowledge since 1986. Dr. Jay provides much more than expected in all her valuable courses. 

I could control my blood pressure without any medications within 15days, just by following all the instructions about lifestyle management.
I did notice high BP160/110 due to work pressures and work-related worries.

However, after following the instructions by Dr. Jay Zute, now my BP is normal 127/85, without medicines, within 15 days.

I am Pradeep Nirhali, age 64 years, retired Bank Manager, suffering from heart disease since 1998 and High BP since 2012. Since then, I am on medication on recommendation by various doctors.

On 06. Sept.2020, readings were BP 130/ 90, Glucose- F - 140, PP- 189, weight 83 kg.

I joined the course 'Reverse Diabetes Hypertension Atherosclerosis' and the courses about stress management on 17th September 2020. I follow the instructions given by Dr. Jay Zute about a healthy diet, physical exercises, sleep, relaxation methods, and instructions provided within the course 'reverse diabetes & hypertension'.

Latest reading (Within a week of following the instructions by Dr. Jay Zute): 24. Sept.2020: Glucose: F- 132, PP - 138, (Fasting reduced by 8, PP reduced by 51 in a week), Weight: 82 Kg. (reduced by 1 kg in a week)

I observed good positive changes in the readings within a week. Therefore, I highly recommend you all to join Dr. Jay Zute’s various health-related courses.
 By Mr. Pradeep Nirhali

---------------------------------------------------------I, Mrs. Ratna N, Age 54 years, am suffering from diabetes since August 2019. The readings on 15-Sept-2019 - fasting 152 PP 210, Medication as per diabetologist has been started on 13 Jul 2020. 
My BP after medication: 8.Aug 2020 fasting 168 PP 210 (No control even with medicines), Readings on 13 Sept2020 - fasting 151 PP 212, Weight 62 kg.

This day, I came across the ‘Reverse Diabetes Hypertension Atherosclerosis‘ course and other different health courses of Dr. Jay Zute, like sleep & relaxation methods. So, I changed my lifestyle as advised by Dr. JAY ZUTE.

Within a week, I started feeling good and noticed the positive changes in glucose level reading, as mentioned here. 24 Sept 2020 - fasting 146 PP 146, (fasting reduced by 5, pp reduced by 66)
I am happy that I came across these important and life-changing courses of Dr. Jay Zute.
    By Mrs. Ratna N

---------------------------------------------------------I am Dr. Pushpa, 79 years old. I was suffering from diabetes mellitus, type 2, for the last 16 years. My fasting blood glucose used to be up to 150 mg/dl. I had to take high doses of medicines for diabetes.

I came across Dr. Jay Zute’s course 'Reverse Diabetes Hypertension Atherosclerosis'. I joined this course and also the course about relaxation techniques with meditation. I am following her instructions for the last 2 months.

Now my medicine doses have dropped down reasonably well. So, now my fasting blood glucose is 120.
I am sure my blood glucose will be normal without medicines in a month or two, and I am sure my medication for diabetes will stop completely.
Thanks to Dr. Jay Zute for her course on Diabetes management.
    By Dr. Pushpa

--------------------------------------------------------Hi, this is Sheela, 61 years old I was suffering from BP and diabetes for eight years. My BP was 160/102, and fasting sugar was 130

And then, I joined Dr. Jay Zute's various courses about 'Reverse BP and diabetes', 'healthy diet', 'stress-free life', 'meditation', 'physical exercises', and within two months, I found myself as a new person.

My BP is normal now, and I do not take medicines. My fasting sugar is 105. I feel energetic and healthy.

All her courses are beneficial and effective. No medicines, only natural ingredients. Thanks to Dr. Jay Zute for these wonderful courses.
    By Mrs. Sheela P.

---------------------------------------------------------I am Mr. Madan Pawar, 65 yrs, My BP was 160/110.

I did the course by Dr. Jay Zute about 'Reverse Diabetes Hypertension Atherosclerosis'. I tried to follow whatever doctor Jay Zute mentioned in the course.

Within a short period, my BP is now normal at 127/85.

I am very happy and relax now. I will recommend all to join the courses by Dr. Jay Zute

About Dr. Jay Zute

My mission is to bring transformation in the life of at least 100,000 people in the next 2 yrs and make them healthy, wealthy and stress-free

I am Dr. Jay Zute, from New Jersey, US. I am a Doctor, Health Supplement Brand Owner, and also Health Wealth & Peace Coach.

My mission is to create Lifemasters with an abundance of Health, Wealth & Peace. 
Visit my website at https://drzute.com

My intro in short-
Medical Doctor - I passed Medicine in 1986 from Grant Medical College, Mumbai, and since then, I am involved in the healthcare of people, during my various roles, as a medical doctor in Mumbai Municipal corporation, in a project funded by the world bank, and then I was running my Maternity and general hospital for 18 yrs,

Sr. Drug Safety Physician - I am a Senior Drug Safety Physician & Medical Advisor in Clinical Trials & have worked for Big pharma companies like Sanofi, J&J, while I was in India, Canada, and the US. I make decisions about all the serious medical events occurring during the clinical trials on these drugs.

SAS programmer - I am also a Clinical SAS programmer (Statistical Programmer) .
My Health Supplement Brands - I am currently managing my health supplement brands Dr Zute’s, & AK Herbal.

All my health supplements are 100% authentic & very effective. All my health supplements are made in the US, in FDA, and GMP-approved facilities and marketed worldwide. All my health supplements marked as 'Organic', are Authentic Organic and are certified Organics by USDA and ICS. You can confirm this as I have put the authenticity and certification logos on my health supplements.

Amazon FBA seller - I am also an Amazon seller in the US.

Teaching - I like to teach, and till now, have taught thousands of people - The general population, My patients, My medical staff, and my Students.
All my courses are offered at a very reasonable cost & within the course, I tell you about how you can get your 100% money back that you pay for the course. 
So do not wait! Join the course right now & take control of your life with an abundance of health, wealth & peace!

My mission is to create Lifemasters with an abundance of Health, Wealth & Peace. 

Visit my website at https://drzute.com

Just pay $ 150 for a limited period of time (original price is $ 797)

Course Intro by Dr. Jay Zute